When I was a six-year-old kid growing up in Chicago, I’d play around with DOS and picture programs to make a flyer for the Cubs, Bears, and Bulls games. I quickly became transfixed by the Apple II and gaming. I started dabbling in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in sixth grade, and I was the first kid with a digital art display at the school art fair. I remember teaching my junior high school art teacher how to use Photoshop. She then recommended me to a junior college class programming class where I learned C++ at thirteen-years-old thru a web camera every morning before school. I suddenly realized I could work from anywhere and learn from anywhere, which made obsessed with computers and programming. I learned to use my skills to make money online at a very young age.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia and Game Design from the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona one of just two schools in the country at the time to offer this course of study in game development. In college, I worked with the Unreal Game Engines and did 3D Rigging, Animation, and Texturing in 3D Max.

My first job out of school was with Midway Games in San Diego, where I did QA work for the team creating the hugely popular game Mortal Kombat, which I'm in the credit of (sunglass emoji here). To get into the video game industry, you had to be good at showcasing your portfolio online, which pushed me to get better and better at building my website during college. I've always been an entrepreneur because of this it pulled me from the game industry and into web and eventually mobile app development world.

In 2006 I moved back to Chicago from the west coast, Ruby on Rails was a very popular open source web framework at the time. I surrounded myself with the best Ruby engineers in North America when joining forces with Chicago software firm Obtiva.

Obtiva had a couple dozen super brilliant Ruby on Rails developers working there, which gave me the opportunity to pair program and learn from some of the most talented software craftsmen and great minds in Agile software development. Obtiva what acquired by Groupon in 2011.

I established my own software company in 2007 Web & Mobile Software. In 2009 I ran my business as a consultant inside Obtiva. I have since moved my family from Chicago to Naples, FL. I work remotely from here with clients from all over the world startups to Fortune 100 companies. I often meet with startups in Miami, and you can find me at WeWork in Brickell every once in a while if you want to chat? Check out my resume for the full rundown on my work history. Contact me here if you have technology challenges you think I'll enjoy.