Hi, I'm Lance Ennen a Software Entrepreneur

advising clients from startups to Fortune 100 companies on how to launch and scale web and mobile apps with my application development company Web & Mobile Software based out of Miami & Naples, Florida.


I've developed web and mobile apps for some of the most respected companies in the world like United Airlines, Camping World Good Sam, Douglas Elliman Real Estate, LexisNexis, Sears Holdings Corporation, and Leapfrog Online.

I've single handily helped launch startups like Drive Automation, Payroc, Factor 75, and Raise as the first software engineer. Additionally, I've worked with these startups Cloud Logistics (acquired by E2open), Health Hero, Bridj, Yello, and ReachMD .

I've helped launch startups and worked with Fortune 100 corporations remotely since 2011. Before 2011, I operated my business inside Obtiva (acquired by Groupon) August of 2011. I believe in as much face-to-face time as possible. I'm typically working remotely. You can contact me here to schedule a time to talk.

My current tech stack of choice is Javascript, Node, React, React-Native, GraphQL, and Serverless (currently). I'm tinkering with the Blockchain and looking for clients in that area. I spent years building web apps, and API's with Ruby on Rails, before leaping to the node world. I've worked on native mobile apps for IOS (Swift), and Android (Java). Based on everything I've learned from failing startups; I have chosen my current tech stack that supports an MVP (minimum viable product) to launch *quickly* or a Fortune 100 company to scale to the future. After seeing Facebook's 30 minute compile time on its IOS app at the Apple Developer Conference in 2016, it convinced me React-Native was the future of mobile software development. I jumped from hybrid development and native development to React-Native app development for all my clients.

While I’m advanced with Javascript & Ruby, I’m also a polyglot programmer with expertise in multiple languages and web frameworks. I’m always experimenting and creating with the newest and latest technologies. Over the past decade and a half, I’ve built up some serious skills. Along with the software engineering, I’ve acquired a solid understanding of business strategy, customer relations, brand awareness and loyalty, budgets, deadlines, and I know what it takes to deliver exceptional client service. The bottom line is, my work exceeds expectations and gives pure awesomeness on every level! ;-)

I’m a tech evangelist, new media enthusiast, and longtime Apple fanboy. I’m enthusiastic, resourceful, driven, love a good challenge, and excel at new opportunities. I like to live on the edge, push the envelope and experience it all! More about me here.

Founder & CEO

Web & Mobile Software is a leading software company that makes Web, Mobile, VR, AR, and any other devices you come across.

About My Work

I follow Agile principles, making customers happy through the early and continuous delivery of software. I anticipate and welcome changing requirements. I meet with clients weekly and when working with a team, having daily stand-ups and code reviews. I help my team reflect on how to be more productive and collaborative remotely. Using TDD (Test Drive Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development) for optimal architecture is fundamental.

Lance ennen software craftsman chicagoPairing while working in the Obtiva Studio 2010

I'm a full stack engineer focused on Web and Mobile applications. Currently, I'm interested in web applications utilizing React, and Mobile applications utilizing React-Native. I favor GraphQL over multiple endpoints for an API, etc. GraphQL has a ton of benefits. I drive out user stories using Behavior Driven Development and Test Driven Development and tools like Jest, which helps documentation and removes tedious QA. I'm launching new companies and moving existing companies to Serverless. If you are looking for any of these technologies, please contact me here.


Websites are about information. My goal as a designer is to navigate the user around that information with the right precedence by thinking about what a user will do on every page with clarity and consistency. Consistency means bringing a graphical continuity to every page through fonts, color palettes, headers, and layout. I do this using Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

Lance ennen meteor software developmentMark Moschel, Lance Ennen, Andy Maleh, Daniel Korenevsky - While building Big Astronaut

I design, engineer, and deploy premium web and mobile applications with cutting-edge technology. These days, I do most of my software engineering in the JavaScript Ecosystem with Node. I use Javascript types for type checking with Flow, but prefer using Typescript and knowing my Javascript compiles without errors.

I'm always playing with the latest Javascript Libraries and experimenting with Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning libraries like TensorFlow.js.

My experience with large scale applications and massive amounts of data at United and LexisNexis taught me how vital testing code with behavior-driven development (BDD) and test-driven development (TDD) with tools like RSpec, Cucumber, and Capybara could be. I use this same standard with testing my Javascript code. For testing React, React-Native, and GraphQL code I'm using Enzyme with Jest, and Jest-Cucumber.

I embrace an Agile software development methodology that emphasizes teamwork, pair programming, communication, anticipating and embracing change, and the frequent and fast delivery of working software. I mainly use Git for source code repositories but have used Mercurial and Subversion on client projects.

For hosting web and mobile apps, I'm pushing all clients to serverless, if possible? I typically recommend Amazon Web Services, although I've worked with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Serverless on Amazon Web Services is brilliant with Amplify. Quickly create an Appsync (GraphQL) backend or API-Gateway endpoints with CRUD setup using DynamoDB. Lately, I'm building React-Native apps with Amplify to simplify backend development. Amplify is excellent for deploying React web apps to s3 and CloudFront also, very cheap for my clients 🤑!

Serverless allows my clients to scale as their web and mobile application do. Saving them time and money on unneeded Dev-Ops work, and allowing me to quickly generating backend functionality.

I work quickly and have undying respect for deadlines and budgets. I can engineer an application from scratch or revamp an existing web or mobile app. I can work on location alongside your team or remotely from my office in Miami & Naples, FL.

I've helped some very successful technology startups that now have millions in funding and large engineering teams. I've observed a lot of startups that have failed too. I like consulting for large corporations to solve big problems or work with an entrepreneur to launch game-changing startups as the first engineer.