Miami Software Developers

July 17, 2019

I’m very excited to be presenting at Miami Software Developers on July 23, 2019, from 6 PM to 8 PM at WeWork Coral Gables, Florida. I’ll be…

Code Reviews

May 13, 2013

Code reviews are a team effort. Michael Jordan tried for years to carry a team on his back. It wasn’t until he had a good supporting cast…

How to Improve Business Communication with Behavior Driven Development

April 21, 2013

Effective business communication heightens productivity. An important step in increasing communication and decreasing inefficiencies is to…

Team Velocity - Creating and Accomplishing Milestones

April 06, 2013

Every business needs a way not just to track progress, but also predict the progress. No one likes deadlines, but they’re a necessary evil…

Stand-Ups - Get Your Morning Started Right

March 30, 2013

In the software business we have stand-ups. These are morning meetings where everyone shares progress and hashes out minor issues. Every day…

Visual Retrospectives - Skills for Team Development

March 26, 2013

Team development is important in every organization, business or group. The question is: How do you structure your development sessions so…

Remote Development - To be (there) or not to be

March 09, 2013

Remote Development, like anything else has its pluses and minuses. Remote working in general came under fire as recently as last week, when…

BuiltInChicago aims to sprout more Groupons

December 13, 2010

I’m currently helping, which is a Social Networking site for the tech community here in Chicago. I will soon have more to…

GrouponCon - Groupon Obtiva Open Space format Conference

October 24, 2010

This past weekend, I went to grouponcon which was an Open Space format conference for groupon and obtiva. At 9:30am, we began our Open Space…

Obtiva Geekfest - Real-time view of server traffic and events using OpenGL and SSH - By. Bodaniel Jeanes

October 19, 2010

Bo, demos a real-time visualization of server traffic to Obtiva’s geekfest using his 2010 rails rumble project:

Obtiva Geekfest Programming for Business Users by Brain Marick

July 22, 2010

Awesome interactive role-playing explanation of programming for business users by Brain Marick. See it yourself at the upcoming Agile201…

Groupon Chrome Extension for Groupons API Version 0.1

May 07, 2010

DEPRECATED This extension is NO LONGER supported by me. Please download the new one.

Passenger, VMWare, and Windows for testing sites

January 20, 2010

I’ve been using Passenger for my Rails projects for the past year. When it comes to testing my Rails apps for browser compatibility I like…